Where am I?

The LigaPrivada project is a website project to manage the leagues of friends, family, colleagues, teammates, etc.

It all started with the need to play a little league with colleagues a couple of years ago. And I started developing a page for league management. Anyway, it's all a hobby I have and it's fun, and if you see that it's useful to someone, it motivates them even more.

Currently, I am slowly adding things, but in the end it is not my main job, so I use my free time to do it. Many of the things I add are at the direct request of those who use them. I have many ideas in mind to add to the service, but like almost everything, they require time and right now I don't have all the time I would like.

On the other hand the idea for the moment is to provide a service that is totally free and I try that the advertising does not interfere inside the page. As you know, advertising does not cover the costs at the moment, but it is something that does not matter to me since, as I said before, it is a hobby.

If you want to know something else, don't hesitate to write and/or ask (Contact).